Thursday, December 11, 2014

cherry lips, crystal skies

shoes - Urbanog // velveteen dress - Forever 21 // lace cardigan - Ross

So, I'm sitting in my room watching Taylor Swift music videos before I get started on today's finals work and boy do I have a lot, back to the point though, Taylor is a boss like how does she even exist??? No one knows. Also photography is weird 'cause my hair wasn't even this color when my brother took these a little while back, but I digress, 2 weeks left of school and I'll some freedom to like live and breathe and eat, #justlittlegirlythings. Have a great almost weekend!


  1. I need that dress, currently lusting over so many gorgeous velvety pieces. And I love your hair colour, so vibrant and out there.
    Oh and regarding the Originals, you should get back to watching it young lady.x

  2. I love your hair *_*
    And that outfit is gorgeous!

  3. gorgeous outfit and love your photos! x

    cat / je suis cat

  4. your pictures are gorgeous!! Love the outfit

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  5. i love your hair !
    you look great !

  6. your hair looks amazing in these pictures! good luck with your finals!

  7. Well duuuh, photography is awesome, photoshop is even awesomer :D
    Not much of a fan for Taylor Swift to be honest ;D
    Love the outfit here, you look so playful! Crossing fingers for the final exams!

    1. Lool you rightt. And no worries, I'm usually surrounded by a sea of people who don't particularly like Taylor and I realize it's just part of my life now, and thank youu!! It's so tiring but I'll get through it...or fall asleep tryin :D

  8. Really love your hair <3 The dress is fantastic!

    - Anna

  9. I love your hair.