Sunday, September 22, 2013


blouse - thrifted // crop top - Rue 21 // golden bracelets - thrifted // pants - MakeMeChic // necklace - Forever 21 

Wore this yesterday since I was in no mood to wear a dress - my go-to outfit essential. Finally found use for this thrifted shirt, too. Thought it would just be hanging in my closet forever..overall this outfit was really comfy, plus I only had slight wardrobe malfunctions which is a good thing if you're me.

And today was nice and chill seeing as how I only watched Arrested Development and ate oreos. 
This week is going to be pretty busy, so I'm glad I got a little rest before my organized chaos ensues..also thinking about dyeing my hair in the next couple of weeks, I'll probably end up with auburn so I can go straight to red. Honestly I'd be happy with blue or purple hair too, but I've never dyed my hair before and since I'm a newbie I won't do too much.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Just some black ink.

floral blazer - Forever 21 (old) // sheer blouse - Forever 21 (old) // pleather pants - MakeMeChic // Dr. Martens - Urban Outfitters 

Short post here. I haven't worn this blazer in a very long time, I figured if I didn't wear it now I'd probably never wear it again, it's just how my brain works. I'm glad I put it on though because it's just so cute, and the material's pretty thin which is great because today was hot. On top of that most of my day was spent shopping, or window shopping - I really didn't buy much, only ended up getting henna, a dress (which is amazing), and a few other items. 

Hope everyone's week is going well, I have to get back to my homework. ciao!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Well that's fine by me.

dress - Rainbow // bag - thrifted // jacket - Forever 21 // boots - MakeMeChic

This isn't one of my favorite outfits, it would be if I had a boss leather jacket to go with it but I'll invest in one of those later. Even so, these cut out boots are my favorite thing to wear, they just go with everything even when they don't. 

I've been taking a lot of outfit photos lately that I'll share with you guys during this week and next, and I've been really inspired by random tv shows and other bloggers so hopefully I can put together some more interesting looks.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Over Again

dress - Nastygal // speckled cardigan - Wal Mart // ring - Forever 21

Heeyyy! I haven't been here in about 5 years. I wish I had a solid good reason but really I've just been  watching Breaking Bad and letting it pull on my heart strings. Also, I've started school (since Thursday), I'm so excited omgah. But sleepy, very sleepy. 

I promise I'll reply to all of your nice and lovely messages as soon as I get some energy. Hope you all have a rad weekend!