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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

And the series of the over worn skirt continues. 

 fluffy top - Goodwill // shoes - MakeMeChic

As you can tell, my hair is! It's actually purple/lilac but every time I take or slightly edit a photo, it turns out to be 38 different colors. It's actually kind of hard to style clothes now, like nothing I have matches with my hair?? Or offsets it and makes me look like a poorly dressed clown???? Also, can you tell I hadn't slept in over 24 hours in these? Probably not, thank you make up gods.

D'oh! I'm finally going to change my blog name! Revamping the blog look too, I can't wait you don't even know. Have a lovely week gals!

Plaid Crop Top

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

crop top - DailyLook // skirt - Forever 21 

Haaay. Wore this a couple of weeks ago, a kid said I looked weird so I think I've done my job in the fashion department. That's usually my favorite compliment to get, even if it's intended to be a diss. I held my hand close to my heart and let out a heartfelt "Aw, thank you!" and he made a face, then I made a face, then I walked away. 

I haven't forgotten about the series on my trusty f a k e leather skirt by the way! I'm just deciding when I should post them, or if I want to retake the photos??  

My hair is purple now which you'll see in a couple of posts, unless you check out my insta


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

velvet dress - thrifted // glasses - secondhand // belt - Forever 21 // backpack - Walmart (old)

Hi! I love this outfit so much. I thrifted this dress last year and never wore it outside of my room because I'm a noob, like not only is it velvet, but it's black too, what's more perfect than that?? Nothing probably.

 Today is a busy day for me so I'm hecka glad I didn't sleep and got up semi-early. Yesterday my dad, sister and I went volunteering for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and in short we gave out food to those in need and it was really nice - everyone was thankful and it turned out to be a great day. As for today, I need to organize some of the clothes I plan to sell soon and work on my music, I also plan to write down some ideas for the Youtube videos I'll be making soon, also it's probably better if I do them after I buy a new memory card since the one I was using has betrayed my trust forever. Can't remember what else I have to do right now but it'll come to me later when I get super tired and don't feel like doing anything anymore. Hope you guys have a really great day, see ya!

don't sweat it

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

sweater - thrifted // skirt - Necessary Clothing  (similar in velvet) / choker  - Claire's (similar here)

'Ola loves. I thought I'd start taking photos in my room for a change, also because bugging my brother or sister to take photos of me constantly when its freezing and raining outside probably makes them roll their eyes to the moon, understandably - so I gave em a break...for like an hour, then I had my brother take photos of me later on cause lol. Anyway! I think I want to do a 'Ways to wear' on this skirt, I feel the need to retire it for a bit so I'm going to wear it a couple of more times this month before I call it a day, and my day I mean year. The skirt is absolutely perfect and everything but I'm pretty sure I wore it a total of 5,000,000 times last year, and I do have other skirts in my closets that also deserve a chance to be made into swaggy outfits.

going to comment on everyone's blogs, ciao!
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