Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wednesday Addams the Smurf || Purple Senegalese Twists

And the series of the over worn skirt continues. 

 fluffy top - Goodwill // shoes - MakeMeChic

As you can tell, my hair is! It's actually purple/lilac but every time I take or slightly edit a photo, it turns out to be 38 different colors. It's actually kind of hard to style clothes now, like nothing I have matches with my hair?? Or offsets it and makes me look like a poorly dressed clown???? Also, can you tell I hadn't slept in over 24 hours in these? Probably not, thank you make up gods.

D'oh! I'm finally going to change my blog name! Revamping the blog look too, I can't wait you don't even know. Have a lovely week gals!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Plaid Crop Top

crop top - DailyLook // skirt - Forever 21 

Haaay. Wore this a couple of weeks ago, a kid said I looked weird so I think I've done my job in the fashion department. That's usually my favorite compliment to get, even if it's intended to be a diss. I held my hand close to my heart and let out a heartfelt "Aw, thank you!" and he made a face, then I made a face, then I walked away. 

I haven't forgotten about the series on my trusty f a k e leather skirt by the way! I'm just deciding when I should post them, or if I want to retake the photos??  

My hair is purple now which you'll see in a couple of posts, unless you check out my insta

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


velvet dress - thrifted // glasses - secondhand // belt - Forever 21 // backpack - Walmart (old)

Hi! I love this outfit so much. I thrifted this dress last year and never wore it outside of my room because I'm a noob, like not only is it velvet, but it's black too, what's more perfect than that?? Nothing probably.

 Today is a busy day for me so I'm hecka glad I didn't sleep and got up semi-early. Yesterday my dad, sister and I went volunteering for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and in short we gave out food to those in need and it was really nice - everyone was thankful and it turned out to be a great day. As for today, I need to organize some of the clothes I plan to sell soon and work on my music, I also plan to write down some ideas for the Youtube videos I'll be making soon, also it's probably better if I do them after I buy a new memory card since the one I was using has betrayed my trust forever. Can't remember what else I have to do right now but it'll come to me later when I get super tired and don't feel like doing anything anymore. Hope you guys have a really great day, see ya!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

don't sweat it

sweater - thrifted // skirt - Necessary Clothing  (similar in velvet) / choker  - Claire's (similar here)

'Ola loves. I thought I'd start taking photos in my room for a change, also because bugging my brother or sister to take photos of me constantly when its freezing and raining outside probably makes them roll their eyes to the moon, understandably - so I gave em a break...for like an hour, then I had my brother take photos of me later on cause lol. Anyway! I think I want to do a 'Ways to wear' on this skirt, I feel the need to retire it for a bit so I'm going to wear it a couple of more times this month before I call it a day, and my day I mean year. The skirt is absolutely perfect and everything but I'm pretty sure I wore it a total of 5,000,000 times last year, and I do have other skirts in my closets that also deserve a chance to be made into swaggy outfits.

going to comment on everyone's blogs, ciao!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hunger Games

Hunger Games shirt - Rue 21 // Overalls - Secondhand/Goodwill

Happy new year! I'm 11 days late but it's the thought that counts, this year is going to be magical, I can feel it in the air or something. Last year was swaggy and beautiful and weird 'n everything but I'm glad it's a new year, it's literally refreshing and I plan to eat a lot of food.

As for the outfit I didn't know what to wear so I basically wore what I slept in the night before and here is the result, I'm a farmer. Kay but anyway here's some blogging related resolutions because I haven't actually written down my personal ones:
  1.  Paint my nails for blog posts because seriously...
  2. Actually go shopping this year
  3.  Create a blog schedule, which will start after I actually go shopping..
  4. Interact with more bloggers online and in person (i.e Sheriden!!) 
  5. Keep changing my hair every 5 seconds because creativity
  6. Start Youtubing style posts
  7. Change my blog name!! I've never ever liked it even from the second I made it
Hope this year we'll all get really rich and prettier than we already are! #seeyallsoon

Monday, December 22, 2014


I am finally finished with finals. I can't believe it. freedom is here. thank you God. I know I literally just wore this dress in a sorta recent post aka my last post but I mean I haven't been shopping in months so sue me I guess. My sister and I went on a photo taking rampage and decided to go to a random field to snap some shots, Usually when I'd ask her to take pictures of/with me she'd always give me a sigh of unrelief, so this is progress guys. Also, finals kind of destroyed everything ever that could make anyone i.e me happy so I'm not even in the Christmas spirit yet and I haven't gotten sleep in weeks it feels, I'm going to blast Jingle Bell Rock 40 times 'cause this is not cool.