Thursday, August 28, 2014

t-shirt - Ross // backpack - Wal Mart // pants - Forever 21

Hey! I'm back from NY. Well actually I've been back for some weeks now but my blogging game has been weak. As you can see I'm repping my Brooklyn cropped shirt that I regrettably did not bring to the big Apple with me. And yes my hair is crazy, it mimics me pretty well in that sense.

I start school next week, I am pretty excited, I mean the workload will probably kill me but at least I'll be smarter..or something. In the meantime I've been trying to learn this Youtube dance routine with my brother and cousin because we're dorks, hopefully we finish learning it before my arms fall off. Anywayy, have a great week  loves!


Thursday, July 31, 2014

pinafore dress - Burlington // shirt - vintage // hat - Target

Hey! As of right now, I'm in New York sitting in my grandmother's dining room with a shirt around my neck because I don't have a scarf, and because my throat was feeling funny, probably from my sick baby cousins coughing all over my existence. Also I slept directly in front of a fan 5 times the size of my face, oops.

I love being here, my family is the absolute best and I always get to visit friends (friends I met online being a dork playing pc games). Snapped these shots at home before I came here and since I finally have internet I can post em. This is my favoriteee outfit, the 'skirt' is actually my pinafore dress but sometimes I tuck it in 'cause it has a tendency to look awkward at times. 

P.S I've been thinking about changing my blog name since the very first day I made my blog, what do you guys think?

Pink Dress

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

dress - Forever 21(similar here) // hat - Forever 21 (similar here)// jacket - Nastygal
photos taken by: Amario

I am prettyyy sure I can count on three fingers only exactly how many pink items I own and can wear out of the house. I do have a pink Sponegbob shirt, but that hardly counts on a count of I keep losing it. The other two items are a pair of thrifted pants and a gifted purse. I was originally going to get this dress in blue, which also would've been really cute, but..actually I don't know why I didn't get it in both colors, the frugal cheapskate in me probably gave me bad advice.

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Friday, July 11, 2014

slip dress - Forever 21 // cardigan - Burlington // backpack - Burlington // necklace - Rainbow // boots - Amazon

So I had the best 4th of July to date, I never really realized this but I think it's one of my favorite holidays - I always have loads of fun with my family and/or friends. This year I ate a lot, laughed for just about the whole day, sang "Hakuna Matata" like 7 times with my cousins, and played games I'd never heard of. I'm looking forward to next year's 4th.

Moving on to the outfit, I'm pretty sure I hated that necklace ever since I put it on for the first time, maybe almost a year ago? It's really pretty so I could never understand why when I tried it on, it looked like a baby bib or something. I obviously found a way to wear it now and I'm glad I didn't give it away. And my cardigan is my favorite thing to wear right now, but it's really hard to style - I think that makes me like it more. Whenever I go shopping again I plan to find more things to wear it with. Anyway, enjoy your weekend loves! I'll probably spend mine watching K-dramas and hanging with my family. Adieu!

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