Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Friday, July 11, 2014

slip dress - Forever 21 // cardigan - Burlington // backpack - Burlington // necklace - Rainbow // boots - Amazon

So I had the best 4th of July to date, I never really realized this but I think it's one of my favorite holidays - I always have loads of fun with my family and/or friends. This year I ate a lot, laughed for just about the whole day, sang "Hakuna Matata" like 7 times with my cousins, and played games I'd never heard of. I'm looking forward to next year's 4th.

Moving on to the outfit, I'm pretty sure I hated that necklace ever since I put it on for the first time, maybe almost a year ago? It's really pretty so I could never understand why when I tried it on, it looked like a baby bib or something. I obviously found a way to wear it now and I'm glad I didn't give it away. And my cardigan is my favorite thing to wear right now, but it's really hard to style - I think that makes me like it more. Whenever I go shopping again I plan to find more things to wear it with. Anyway, enjoy your weekend loves! I'll probably spend mine watching K-dramas and hanging with my family. Adieu!

Fix a Heart

Saturday, June 28, 2014

romper - Forever 21 // jacket - Burlington // shoes - DailyLook

instagram: suburban_hippy

My favorite romper of all time, until I find another one to love that is. I've always loved white gowns and maxi dresses; when I was a kid I'd always planned on having a long white lace maxi dress (I still do) and some black boots to go with my choker and messy hair. Until I can find said dress, this romper will curb my craving. 

Last Night I Dreamt

Monday, June 16, 2014

 blazer - thrifted // romper - Forever 21 // choker - Ebay // backpack  - Walmart

Todayyy was wonderfully..or more so, terribly hot. Like, so hot I was sweating as soon as I opened the door to go outside. I don't think I can deal, I need to stay inside as much as possible, but I probably won't. It's okay though, I mean it's kinda not but it comes with the territory of living in the south. But an outfit like this is never so bad in the heat, I normally wear a jacket or a cardigan, etc. wherever I go because of cold a.c, and if it gets hot I just take it off. Nbd. Hope ya'll are having a fabulous weekend, see ya soon!

One of Those Crazy Girls

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

dress - Forever 21 // jacket - NastyGal // shoes - DailyLook - (similar) // choker - Ebay

This is my new favorite jacket, why did I buy a leather-ish (ish as in vegan) jacket when it's probably going to be 100 degrees every day soon? I don't know. But I did it. I surprisingly splurged on a jacket when it's practically summer and I have no regrets. 

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