Monday, September 19, 2011


 Heya. I hope everyone's doing all right, I had soo much schoolwork but luckily I sent everything in early and got to be lazy for a whole day and watch The Office :). I'm going to do some more work today so I'll see you soon!

Oh! So my birthday's coming up in couple'a weeks and I have nnnooo idea what to do, help?!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


'Ola :), boy am I in a good mood. I'm soo glad that tomorrow's a holiday, I really need to get organized since I've started school, piano lessons, and work. Plus I'm about to get some major shopping done next week and I really need some new shelves for my room, and of course, the most important thing. clothes. And Chinese food :D.

I'm also planning on buying some CD's so if you have any suggestions feel free to share, I basically listen to anything, folk, rock, alternative, r&b, whatever :).

Here are some random pictures I forgot to post, I'll talk to you lovelies laterrr, peace!