Saturday, October 8, 2011

Windy Saturday with Shiloh

'Ola, I decided to post since I won't be able to for like a week, I have wayy too many assignments to keep up with. Today was really windy so I decided to wear this sweater..shaul, thingy even though it really doesn't mesh with the outfit, ah well. The little puppy up there is Shiloh, my sister and I were hanging out with him all day, we probably have to give him away since we're way too busy to take care of him, which is really unfortunate because I'm starting to like him and his crazy self, ha.

I'm off to check out yall's blogs and watch The Office, adieu! And thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Somewhere Only We Know

Oh my gosh, I've missed blogging soo much. I've been so stressed with school and on top of that yesterday was my birthday so I haven't been keeping up with it, but I decided post a little something which is in totallyy bad quality for now :). I hope you all are doing awesome!

 To make a long story short, I got home and ate cake then my sister and I watched She's the Man but we ended up falling asleep, the end :).