Friday, February 22, 2013

Rain Again

 cropped blazer - gifted, Ross // black top - Ross // boots - Urbanog // scarf - African beauty store // belt - Forever 21 // purse/bag - thrifted // necklaces and glasses - Rue 21
One of my favorite outfits. These photos are from last month or something but I never posted them for whatever reason. oh me. And as you can see, my style changes like the wildfire..anyway I'm up pretty late right now and it's raining, I hope it's still raining when I wake up because I have the urge to watch Pride & Prejudice (2005 version), and I really like watching it when it rains..

Monday, February 18, 2013

Seasons to Cycle

dress - Urban Outfitters // plaid shirt - Ross // necklace and bracelet - Rue 21 // boots - secondhand // beanie - Dollar General // ring and belt - Forever 21 

 Hello :). I know I've only posted once this month (now twice), and I have been busy, but I guess I just haven't been posting because I've been way too invested in watching The Office and hanging out with my new kitty (not the one seen in the last post). But I have a few other posts to show you guys. I hope you've all been doing well with school and everything!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Same Old

blouse - Forever 21 // skirt - thrifted // plaid coat - secondhand // necklace - gifted/Urban Outfitters //

I can't stop wearing my Doc's, I was never much of a shoe person but I promise I do own more than these boots, sometimes I just get out of bed and throw on an outfit and my Doc's are always in view. I really just want to invest in some creepers and flatforms.

That lovely cat you see there is Silver, (s) he basically invited him (or her) self into my family and won't leave, which is okay, but the dude is kind of scary. Every time I go outside (s)he's right in front of my door, and sometimes just walks into my house..

Ah well, I started school yesterday. So far so good, I think I need to set a blogging schedule, I'll probably do so in the the next 2 weeks and see how my workflow is. In the meantime I hope everyone's doing well!