Monday, February 18, 2013

Seasons to Cycle

dress - Urban Outfitters // plaid shirt - Ross // necklace and bracelet - Rue 21 // boots - secondhand // beanie - Dollar General // ring and belt - Forever 21 

 Hello :). I know I've only posted once this month (now twice), and I have been busy, but I guess I just haven't been posting because I've been way too invested in watching The Office and hanging out with my new kitty (not the one seen in the last post). But I have a few other posts to show you guys. I hope you've all been doing well with school and everything!


  1. Love the dress, so flowy and pretty. oh how i wish i were a bit taller so i could easily rock maxi's.xx

  2. I love the dress and that you are rocking it with that beany!!

  3. I love your dress! I love how cool and grungey your style is. xxx

  4. This is so lovely! ♥♥♥♥ You are so cool! :">

  5. you look really nice)
    Love your blog! Hope you'll love mine and follow me!

  6. love this this look!

    carol x