Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Longest Weekend Ever.

Hiiiii everyone! I'm so sorry I haven't posted in like a week, but I was busy working/sleeping/working in a conference room for 3 days creating an App for a phone, it was so fun! There were about 9 teams creating apps and mine was the youngest, we won "Best Creative Design" which was epic. But anyway, when I got home Sunday night..I caught a cold, ugh. I feel a little better now but still a bit woozy. 
I wore this when I went to work at the school, I actually didn't wear the headband/ was too hot. Which reminds me, tomorrow I start college, agh! I need to get some rest..I hope you're all doing AWESOME and had a great weekend, I'm off to watch Vampire Diaries, ciao!

P.S - can any of you recommend a good laptop to get (for school type stuff, music, and movies)? Any price range will do :).

Monday, August 22, 2011

Old Times

Hiiii! I had the best time last night, I met up with some old camp friends; we went to an Italian restaurant then Starbucks, sadly I left my to-go box on the pasta for me. Anyhow, thank you all for the book suggestions! I'm so going to check them out asap.

 Tomorrow I'll start working at an elementary school, helping out the art teacher until like December, we have a ton of fun things planned for the kids, my favorite so far is Music Art, I think they'll be really stoked for it and I can't wait to dive in, wish me luck! And as a reminder, if you could all vote for me for Seventeen's Contest on Facebook I'd greatly appreciate it! Just Like This Page and Like This Photo - thanks!

Ciao everyone :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lovin' Saturday

 Today I went to art class and hung with some friends, of course I didn't draw at all because I was playing Smash Brothers Melee all day, oh how I miss video games. Plus I ate a bunch of junk food, butttt luckily I don't feel guilty, anyway...P.S (this is what I wore the day before :D )

When I got home I went outside, it was so nice and breezy for once; perfect timing for book reading, I read  one called A Place Called Freedom, at least I think that was the name, it's pretty darn good so far. Can anyone recommend any good books? I'm planning on going to the library soon and I'd love a good read! :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Movies, movies, movies!

Boy am I in love with this bag, it has an unbelievable amount of space and I only got it for 10 bucks. I've been watching movies all week before school starts, so far it's mostly been period movies/shows - Mansfield Park, Jane Eyre, Wives & Daughters (which I absolutelyyy love), and North & South. I really don't know what I should watch next, I'm sure it'll be something I've seen 800 times already..oh well.

Ciao :)