Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lovin' Saturday

 Today I went to art class and hung with some friends, of course I didn't draw at all because I was playing Smash Brothers Melee all day, oh how I miss video games. Plus I ate a bunch of junk food, butttt luckily I don't feel guilty, anyway...P.S (this is what I wore the day before :D )

When I got home I went outside, it was so nice and breezy for once; perfect timing for book reading, I read  one called A Place Called Freedom, at least I think that was the name, it's pretty darn good so far. Can anyone recommend any good books? I'm planning on going to the library soon and I'd love a good read! :)


  1. i am loving the color:D

  2. you look great dear ! :)
    thanks for your lovely comment on my blog ♥

    wanna follow each other ?

  3. you look gorgeous love the colour x

  4. Beautiful color and I love Smash Bros Melee! I'm a total videogame nerd. The Legend of Zelda as my favorite videogame franchise of all time! Can't wait for skyward sword. And I'm reading "A prayer for Owen Meany" by John Irving and it's a very good, very long read!

  5. Ahhhh you look gorgeous! This color really flatters you! I really miss video games as well! real nerd me!

    Pride and prejudice and Eat, pray, love are great books:)

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  6. Thanks so much for the wonderfully nice comment on my Let's go Camping post :D AND for following me!

    This dress looks lovely on you; love the color!


  7. the colour of your dress suits you so well! looks gorgeous :) my favourite book is the illumination of merton browne, amazing book xxx

  8. Love the color and the style of your dress!!

  9. hey girl:) you look so peaceful and serene:) liking the dress;)