Sunday, June 24, 2012


Hi :)
Today I woke up at 7am after going to bed at 3am - couldn't sleep so I decided to start cleaning the house. After that 30 minutes passed by and I decided to finish watching a bollywood film on Netflix called Pyaar Impossible, it had the corniest, cheesiest songs ever, I loved it :D.

I was really craving some cake..for breakfast (I eat horribly on Sundays), so I went out with my siblings and mom and did some random shopping and saw some gorgeous looking cake and went for it. Hope you enjoy my random day/post, ciao!


  1. That cake looks delish! I love the colour of your shoes too xxx

  2. yummy yummy in my tummy lol i want yes im singing my childs song

  3. I sincerely think you might be too cool for me! Just.. the vibe you give off is so cool.
    i wish i had that ;)

    and i love foreign movies! even if they are cheesy and corny sometimes :)

    tiana of l'esthetique

  4. i eat HORRIBLE on sundays, too!! this past sunday i had 4 slices of greasy pizza.. yumm :) and cake for breakfast? hell to the yes. we can hang, you and i ;-)

    xx, james

  5. that is such a beautiful cake!!!! :D

  6. ohh i love this cake, i want this too!
    great photos dear!

  7. It's from Rue 21, they're really hard to find nowadays. You could probably find one like it at Urban Outfitters too :)