Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I pray to be young and I pray to be inspired

vegan leather jacket - Nasty Gal // romper - Forever 21 ( similar here

So,  I was sitting on my floor, staring into nothing, as I usually do when I'm stressed, hungry, sleepy, or all three at once. This time though, I was just lazy. While doing this for about 10 minutes, I had a thought, "I have hair...and I have color pastels...hmm." so I stood up and looked for the box, It nearly took forever but I managed to find the messy colorfulness, along with my weekly planner (never losing that again). Decided to literally color my hair with the color green. Except it wasn't much of a decision, I only glanced at the box for a second and picked up whatever looked the shiniest. I usually only do this when my hair's in twists, but I didn't want to wait. And there you have it, I like to ramble, especially when my hair is green. #thatsallfolks


  1. I love your pairing of the leather jacket with the white dress, nicely done.

    Princess Audu

  2. #carefreeblackgirl yes! Lovin the touch of green. I'm wanting some kind of vibrant color change in my life too, but I don't think I should dye my actual hair again, maybe a weave perhaps? Hmmm. Lol I love the girly/edgy juxtaposition of this. White after Labor Day adds to the rebellious feel of this look too <3

    1. Do it! I've been thinking about getting a weave for so long since I don't wanna dye my hair either, they just look like fun to wear! and thanks girl :D

  3. I seriously could not think of a better jacket / dress combo. Too beautiful, girl! xx

    Emily | Lynde Avenue

  4. woow darling!! Amazing outfit!!

  5. Love the colour of you hair looks really cool :)

  6. Love the outcome and you look too cool for life haha :)
    Love the jacket, I'm looking for something similar and also that romper is really pretty. xo

  7. That romper is soo dreamyyy! I love the fit and how it flows! That jacket is pretty serious, as I type this comment I am wearing a leather jacket myself but now Im contemplating on investing in a good quality one! lovely post! xx

  8. that romper is so ethereal, j'adore!
    and your hair is gorgeous - loving the green!


  9. Great look! I love how you have made that playsuit more grungy

    The Koalafornian x

  10. You look gorgeous as always and that hair colours is amazing!

    // xx

  11. Flowy and edgy, love this combination :)

  12. hey, thanks for visiting my blog! I love that look of yours. black leather next to delicate sheer white is just perfect. so are the cool lip colour, those sunnies and your greenish hair. an awesome package all in all. by the way, if you're interested then we could follow each other and stay in touch. let me know what you think :)

    Part of me

  13. The jacket and a lipstick made my day)

  14. The outfit is awesome! And the hair! I love that your hair/hairband are both so bright.

    Raissa | The Leather Fanny Pack
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  15. You look so amazing, your leather jacket is just awesome,
    I love that it is such a cool contrast against that more
    romantic (but also absolutely stunning) romper. (:

  16. I love the dark lipstick you are wearing! if you don't mind me asking, what brand and colour is it?