Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pink Dress

dress - Forever 21(similar here) // hat - Forever 21 (similar here)// jacket - Nastygal
photos taken by: Amario

I am prettyyy sure I can count on three fingers only exactly how many pink items I own and can wear out of the house. I do have a pink Sponegbob shirt, but that hardly counts on a count of I keep losing it. The other two items are a pair of thrifted pants and a gifted purse. I was originally going to get this dress in blue, which also would've been really cute, but..actually I don't know why I didn't get it in both colors, the frugal cheapskate in me probably gave me bad advice.


  1. The frugal cheapskate in me constantly stops me from doing things I want to do too lol that could be bad, that could be good haha. You look gorg as always! And I'm loving seeing you in this super bright color, it's a nice pop and a surprising change. I think it gives the items you paired with it an even cooler look if possible.

    I get paid next Friday so we should hit up something or some place to finally meet! Lol I don't know if you list your email on this site but mine is garrett.sheriden@gmail.com in case you want to shoot me one and we can get the deets situated, yeah!

    1. Thank youu!! Yah I definitely wear a lot of darker colors I've noticed, but bright's cool too. And all righty awesome, I'll shoot you an e-mail!

  2. Your really suit pink! I'm the same, i think i must have 5 pink items of clothing. What a hard colour to wear! You style it perfectly though

    Love Emma xx


  3. OMG! What I wouldn't do for a dress like that! I've been looking for a nice pink cami dress for so long my eyes are tired and rebel against anything that is pink :D I love it so much, you look incredible!

  4. I love the dress, pink looks great on you,you need to get more pink clothing. Love how you edged this look up with the leather jacket and boots which are so cool by the way.


  5. you look gorgeous
    fabulous ensemble dear

    love Vikee

  6. The color of the dress looks great with your skin tone. I like how you toughen the dress up with the leather jacket and combat boots; great outfit.

    Amber Watson,xoxo.

  7. Nobody chanels grunge better than you. Love this x

  8. This outfit is so cool, I love
    that you've paired the pink dress with a black
    leather jacket and accessories
    and I love your hair. (:


  9. You look great! Looovvvee your jacket.

  10. I really like your hat, and let me tell you: you look like Beyonce in these pictures! :O


  11. This dress is gorgeous, you've combined it perfectly :)

  12. I love how bright and fun that dress is. The color looks beautiful on you!

  13. gorgeoussssssss - love the colour on you and can't believe that dress is from forever 21, they have so much cool stuff in lately - love the necklace n all :) xxx

  14. Love how you styled this! This would made the perfect summer to fall transition outfit! ♥ Chymere A.