Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I Go La La La

 cardigan - Wal Mart // bag - thrifted // booties - DailyLook // beanie - African Beauty Store // dress - Forever 21

Words can't express how relieved I am that it's spring break, I probably wouldn't survive this school semester without it. 

My sister and I had a nice day at the park, it was actually chilly out so I'm not sure why we stayed out in the first place..nonetheless it was still fun. As you can see my hair is not so red in these photos, I decided to change it up for like 5 seconds; I'm definitely going back to red soon. 


  1. You and your hair haha :) Love the pretty dress and enjoy your spring break, use it wisely ;)

  2. I love the print on your dress, it's lovely :) You always look stunning <3 x

  3. Super cool
    very nice outfit

  4. Always looking fresh, I love your dress!

  5. this is such a lovely outfit! your boots are so so gorgee

  6. Cheers for the Spring Break! :D I love your dress, it's so laid back and cool! I was thinking of doing something to the hair too, don't know what thought, she's been gone through so much already! :D

  7. I love your style ! And i'm in love with your hair

    xo. TDVR