Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bouncing Off the Ceiling

Hi :). Thanks for all the nice comments on my last post about my nonexistent tripod, ha. 

I think yesterday was productive as far as laughing goes, I think I'll start making small goals for the day each day so that I make sure I'm not wasting my summer - except Sunday, I do nothing but eat Chinese food and watch Basketball - buttt today's an exception, I'm going shopping again and I really want some cool pieces, and for my wardrobe to be turned upside down like A-Teens (I'm sure no one will get that reference). I have so many old items/stuff that I just can't throw away until I know I'll have a replacement for it. Hopefully it goes well, I really dislike going into stores, staring at everything, and buying nada.

Anyway, my small goals for Monday are to get some exercise outside, finish 50% of my portrait of Michael Fassbender (actor), and to learn a new word.

I hope your memorial day weekend goes as planned, ciao!


  1. you look great, love this slightly grungey look. hope your monday goals go well x

  2. Oh great outfit! I love your sweater and your hat.
    Awesome blog darling! Following each other?

  3. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!:P

    I really like your outfit here, the maxi's so flowy and the jumper's really loose. Love the casual look. xxx

  4. i know what you mean about wanting new clothes and changing your style! I've been wanting to do that for a while, seems like everyday I go into my closet I have nothing to wear! I have TONS of clothes but it doesn't seem like it, lol!!!
    CUTE outfit <3

  5. Nice post.
    I love your style!!!

  6. What a comfy & cute outfit! It looks perfect the transition into Spring/cool Summer weather. I hope you post your portrait of Michael Fassbender! I'd love to see it (and I could look at him all day...!).

  7. this is just so nice! i love ur cute face..pleated skirt <3

    thanks for the comment!

  8. hi sweetie! your sweater is really adorable and this look is easy, chic, and I would wear it in a heart beat =) on sundays, i eat chinese food too! or tacos/burritos from the taco truck, haha =) every other day im eating greens and boring stuff like chicken breast. anywhoo, hope you are well sweet stuff <3 keep up the good blogging! talk soon!

    xx james

  9. that sweater is so awesome! i love this look! its so chic :D

  10. I love to see an oversize sweater paired with a pleated skirt!

    I've been spending a lot of my days watching basketball as well. Would love to see your portrait of Fassbender once it's complete--he's a cutie.

  11. hah! i TOTALLY got the A-Teens reference :) and if you know upside down, you HAVE to know All I can do by Jump 5? Oh, the classics!
    As far as your look is concerned, its sensational! .. as usual :) I am, however, excited to see the new pieces you got while shopping!

    tiana of l'esthetique

    1. Oh my GOSH! I forgot all about that song! Thanks for reviving my memory - I was a huge Jump 5 fan :)

      Andd thank youu :D

  12. Love the outfit!

  13. HAHA A-TEENS, brilliant :D Love the skirt, want one like it so much. Looks amazing with the docs!

  14. This goal I dea is awesome! I'm on a mission to be like you noW!


  15. Such a great combination, I love grey, black and brown together. Stunning! By the loooks of the previous post you got the portrait done! good job! kisses