Friday, December 30, 2011

Mele Kalikimaka!

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone! :) I have a cold right now, but I really abandoned my blog for this whole month basically, so rest will have to wait ha. I'm just trying to think up some New Years resolutions. I had a fantastic year so far, especially as far as school goes (even though I'm going to change my major), but I want to do more things and hang out with friends more. I usually ignore them when I have school, horrible right?! Anyway, I think I'll talk more on this later when I'm up to it.

As for Christmas - it was epic! My family and I were watching movies all night and Christmas/Hanukkah episodes of The Office and Rugrats, I also tried to make this peanut butter cake thingy recipe I found on mistake, it was so gross, but on the bright side mega fun to make! I hope your holidays were awesome! and thank you all for checking out my blog, it means a lot :).

Oh and of course - Happy 2012!!!


  1. lovely look! totally love the whole combination of the outfit :)

  2. such lovely photos!!! happy new year :)