Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Just Because.

dress - Forever 21 // belt - thrifted // backpack - Wal Mart // blazer - thrifted // shoes - Goodwill

Oh humidity, why do you always become ridiculously ridiculous when I straighten my hair? I don't understand your disdain for me.  

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lose Control

jeans - Levi (secondhand) // tank top - Wal Mart // sheer bodysuit - Forever 21 

Finally found my old snapback, I got it a long while ago in New York's TS, back when Missy Elliot was on TRL for the day(if anyone remembers what that is) - they gave out t-shirts and hats to everyone outside and I've always liked mine so I kept it. However, the t-shirt was entirely too big and absolutely too orange so I guess I just "lost" it or something.

My sleeping schedule isn't getting any better, and I have a lot of homework, but I have a break/chill day on Monday, so it's all good. Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Monday, October 14, 2013

the red

dress and cardigan - Forever 21 // tights - Wal Mart // bag - thrifted

As you can probably tell, I dyed my hair! I think it looks a bit red/burgundyish (I'm aware that isn't a word) here.. maybe?? but it's more red/auburn in person and I luvvv it. I plan to redye it to make it more vibrant, but not anytime soon. My hair needs a break. In other news, school is destroying my sleeping schedule and I'm not happy about it. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

20 Years

overalls, shirt, necklace - Forever 21 // bracelets - gifted // creepers - GoJane

I'm sleepy, having a birthday is tiring (and great). I am now 20 which makes no sense if you don't use logic. I feel like there should be a few more teenage years left before people (people being me), hit 20. Oh well. Anyway! hoping you guys had a great September and that this month's even better.

P.S I finally bought that hair dye, yay.