Thursday, November 29, 2012

Black Velvet

 velvet top - thrifted // black skirt - thrifted // skull belt - Ross // necklace and hat - Forever 21 // bracelet - Rue 21

Thanksgiving is the greatest holiday ever created, besides Christmas. Seriously, I think I ate more than a bear and had a million plates of macaroni, I even had pumpkin cake - I don't even like pumpkins, but I made an exception because my cousin is a beast chef.

On to the outfit. Thanks to Pirates of the Caribbean, I had this phase when I was really into skulls, everything I bought had to have a skull on it, along with that belt. I think I've only worn it 3 times and over the years I've come to realize how impractical it can be, especially if I try to wear it with jeans. Still, I had to have it. I've definitely stopped (or tried to stop) buying things that cost more than I should spare and I only end up wearing it once, and buying things that cost little and I only end up wearing it uhm, never.
I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving, mine was definitely as perfect as eating whatever-the-heck-you-want can get. It makes me appreciate all the good chefs out there. See you lovelies soon!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Bahamas! pt.1

Last week I went to the Bahamas - on a Carnival Cruise ship! The Fascination, to be exact. It was the most relaxing vacation ever, I met some really nice people and basically just watched the ocean for most of the time. The food was great, there was a pizza place open for 24hrs during the whole trip, and I tried Mexican food for the first time - granted it made me sick after I ate it, but it was soo good. I went to a beach in Freeport if I remember right, and the water was amazingly blue; I honestly wanted to drink it. But of course while swimming, I discovered how salty it tasted.

Even though my family and I shared one room, there's 5 of us mind you, we made it work ;) - for once I'm going to write in my diary so I won't forget anything, I'd write it here but I promise you it would be 3 pages long, with 1 whole page filled up with the word "AWESOME", I'm definitely not putting you gals through that. 

On a related note I hope you're all doing awesomely, I have a lot more pictures from the cruise I'm thinking about posting, in the meantime I'll see you after Thanksgiving! :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Hey everyone!
 here's a quick post, these pictures are a little dated and I wasn't sure if I should post them or not..but I figured it's my blog, so why not? I found those pants buried in my closet, I'm sure they're not even mine, but they're so comfy - and they were fun while they lasted, but I probably won't be wearing them in public again. they're just so darn baggy.

Has anyone started Christmas shopping yet? I know it's way early, but I've been buying lights and candles and little Santa figures - I just love Christmas! I am really tempted to buy my family their presents now but I know I'd end up giving it to them way too early.

and good luck voting today! I hope the lines aren't too bad.